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What's a white hat guy?

White Hat Guy is your English Speaking Guide to tech

White Hat Guy Web is working to be your local, face-to-face connection for your web hosting and support needs. Offering affordable hosting packages and domain registration, combined with years of knowledge gleaned from the early days when Trumpet Winsock ruled your internet access on Windows, to the present day when the right combination of apps, skill and phone can run your entire business from where ever you are.

The pleasant part is, we'll explain it in English, until you feel good about what we're going to offer you. Whether it's static pages to act as an online business card, or full packages involving e-commerce or live blogs, we've got a package for you, and at rates you can afford.

We know that finding the right host, the right price, the right words to make your business standout from the crowd for the ever shrinking dollar is the only way to make your advertising dollar work. We'll sit down with you, give you a brief interview to get a feel for your product and what you would like to do, and put together a solution that meets your needs, and what you want to do.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

SEO Engine Images Search Engine Placement is what gets you noticed, gets your customers to your door. With search engines changing their algorithms regularly to improve the trust of their products, to get people to use their engines, it's hard to stay on top of what's relevant for your business. We're here to help you keep your focus on your business while getting traffic to your door.

That's where we're here to help!


Depending on your timeline, you have two primary options: Optimization and Marketing. Combining the two is best, but there are pros and cons for each. Marketing will offer you faster results, but can cost you money from your budget with unreliable results. Proper optimization will keep your page rank high, but can take time for the results to get you to the web user's attention.

Keeping up on the strategies is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Your focus should be on your business, not keeping up with the latest trends. That's what we offer. A combination of strategy, copywriting, and planning to keep your business in the public's eye.

SEO Puzzle piecesGood planning will involve your site as well as proper integration of social media, advertising models, as well as site design and layout. All these pieces of the puzzle are what we'll sit down with you to analyze and develop into a solid and sustainable search targeting plan.

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Content Writing

Once, it was said a picture is worth a thousand words

Fountain pen
Maybe that's why you'll find them in caves, or on billboards to get your attention.

But we're not in caves any more. On the web, the word is still the currency of choice.

This used to be easier!


Search engines index on words and content still, with pictures being a future target for searching.

Those words are what will get your customers to your door for business. Your page noticed by the search engines. What you have on your web page is the same as what you'd say in a meeting with a new client, only with a much louder voice.

What will we do for you?

We'll work with you massage the content of your message for the web.

Our attention will be to search tools, while making it easy to read. Your copy won't have that robotic feel like a Search Engine Magnetic Poetry Kit. We'll produce copy you like, that your customers will want to read, all the while making sure the engines want to read it as well.

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Your Electronic Identity

Why have an email that shows GMail or Yahoo as your providers, when you can have your own domain! A domain shows prospective customers or employers you're not planning to go away anytime soon. The catch is, however, that there are so many domains already registered, with more registered or closing daily.

It's time to start looking!


Your Gateway to Top Search Results

Properly selecting a domain name for your business is a big deal. While not the number one method of getting better results on search engines, it is a key component.

Setting up your domain properly will ensure that you get up high in the lists for getting your site found and seen amongst the other 145 million. Alternatively, you can also register multiple domain names, and have all of them pointing to the same website or emails for better visibility!

Your Electronic P.O. Box

Your Domain also stays with you, as long as you keep your registration current. Want another host? Moving to another city and want local hosts? Bringing your services in house? Setting up your domain to work with Google Docs or the like?

You can take your domain wherever you choose, and the address will follow you in less than 24 hours!

Here locally to help you!

Give us a call, and we'll sit down with you, discuss what you want to do with your website and come back with ideas to help you get noticed! We'll also help to make sure your domains are properly registered, pointed, and renewed to keep your site going, and to keep spammers from using your info to bother you.

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Fast, effective, low cost, custom web sites

Coded to current standards, hosted by White Hat Guy for quick and easy updating.

The Owner And Operator

As owner and operator of O'Boise Systems and Services, LLC, Brant learned the ropes of internet marketing while doing hardware and software support and development. This came after a decade of managing the IT department of an international alternative finance company, before which he had a varied career as he attained degrees in Civil Engineering and Comparative Literature and Languages. Brant also manages, develops and supports applications for Larimer County and the District Attorney's Office for the 8th Judicial District in Colorado.

We've a reputation for having a passion for finding solutions for problems, as evidenced by our annual charity events for Multiple Sclerosis, raising money for locals affected by this terrible disease, of which we have a first-hand knowledge. "White Hat Guy" actually came out of this charity work as folk often see me rolling around Old Town in my Tilley, gathering donations and auction items for my annual Guest Bartender event.

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